An all grey tabby Maine Coon with dark grey stripes on a light grey background.

Silver tabby maine coon price

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The amount of silver on each strand of hair will determine which class they belong. Silver Maine Coon kittens are typically the first ones to get chosen in a litter, regardless of the. . 31.

Silver Classic Tabby With White.

Temperament: Loyal, Loving,.

Black smoke, blue smoke, or silver cat may cost more because of.




Reputable breeders rarely charge extra for unusual. Looking for silver tabby coon online in India? Shop for the best silver tabby coon from our collection of exclusive, customized & handmade products. You can go to. Similar to the Red tabby Maine Coon with the main difference in one of the colors, instead of white, this cat has stripes of red and silver across its body.

Classic Cream Silver Tabby Awaiting photo: Classic Cream SilverTabby & White. Here is a picture of a beautiful silver tabby Maine coon. View silver tabby maine coon videos.

What's Included? 2 Year Genetic Health Guarantee;.
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Best quality.

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The breeders at Mary Lambs specialize in the Maine Coon and feed only the highest quality foods until they are adopted. .

May 15, 2023 · Maine coon kittens for sale.

She has never been without a Maine Coon to snuggle. .

The red tabby is not actually red, but.

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. We specialize in breeding classic tabby cats, silver black, silver blue, silver red, brown, blue, red, cream and tabby (tabby, white and non-white tabby cats) Maine Coon kittens for sale. . Sort by: Most popular.

Sex:. . (Especially black smoke and black smoked tortoiseshell), some are white. We specialize in OUTSTANDING silver tabby and black smoke Maine Coons.


. Black Silver Mackerel Tabby Maine Coon Cats; The silver Maine Coons can have different levels of silver, classifying them as either silver, shaded, or shell. Whereas Tabby coon cat comes in orange, brown, grey, cream, buff, and silver.

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9-15 years.

EuroCoons ™. The Maine Coon price can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors, including the cat's age, gender, pedigree, coat quality, and location. Maine coon generally comes in ten colors.

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Cost of Tabby Maine Coon Cats.

. All red cats will have some tabby markings. The stunning blue-silver tabby Maine Coons have amazing blue markings that provide a wonderful contrast to the base color. .